Solution for Oranges


Weighing and packing of oranges in nets

Delivery February 2017
Washed products such as:

  • Potatoes & carrots
  • Onions
  • Citrus
  • Oranges

In this case Oranges
Portion sizes Max portions in one dump = 4 kg

Packing: Nets

  • The CB-148 can make D-Pack and DAUSAC bags.
  • Works with knitted and extruded nets.
  • Runs with films from 74 mm. up to 158 mm.
  • Various labelling options.

Capacity 62-64 portions/min. at 2 kg
Machines included

  • One Newtec Weighing Machine, model 4012B2 and two Daumar Automatic Welding Machines, model CB-148.
  • Portion Collection System: PCS250 CL+CR.


Our customer wanted their oranges to be packed in 2 x Daumar Automatic Welding Machines, model CB-148. They requested a high speed, Newtec weighing machine which could feed the two Daumar welding machines. Furthermore, they needed a weighing machine with a footprint as narrow as possible.


A new model of our latest multi-head combination weighers, the 4000 Series, model 4012B2 was developed which could handle the requested capacity. The new model has a small footprint and can still offer high speed due to its robust construction and 12 weigh heads.

Another advantage is that the handling of the oranges is very gentle and the conveyance of the oranges only takes place with low drops.

Combined with our unique Portion Collection System, specially designed for gentle distribution, the solution ensures a high capacity of approximately 62-64 portions/min., all while gently handling products all the way to the automatic welding machines.

As is the case with Newtec’s other weighing machines, model 4012B2 has easy access for cleaning and service and the weigh pans are easy to dismantle and assemble.

The solution is successfully installed in Spain and additional weighing machines are ordered.